Fine Home Audio

Technology Audio Design distributes a range of fine home/lifestyle audio products. Our brands (Geneva, Tivoli and REVO) are defined by a focus on exceptional audio fidelity and fine craftsmanship. Many are instantly recognizable as both design icons and audio legends.

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All-in-One Hi-Fi Perfection

– Geneva Labs –

Geneva is a Swiss company that designs and manufactures high quality all-in-one audio systems. The Geneva Sound Systems provide all the functionality of a regular component home stereo in a beautifully designed and carefully crafted package. The Geneva systems integrate seamlessly with modern electronics via wireless connection and wired connections. Elegant design is combined with incredible sound performance.

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Tabletop Radio Design Classics

– Tivoli Audio –

Tivoli Table top radio’s have been included among the 21st centuries design icons. The instantly recognisable radios are well known for their excellent sound quality and reception. Updated models now include wireless connectivity and digital radio. One part audio masterpiece, one part design icon, the Tivoli range of table top radios have earned their excellent reputation.

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Beautifully Designed Internet Radios

– REVO –


Established in 2004, Scottish company, REVO design and manufacture a range of award winning high quality digital radio and audio streaming products. Using a simple philosophy of ‘quality in, quality out’ REVO blends a thoughtful design approach with the highest quality manufacturing standards to produce their products.

Learn more about REVO’s range of products here.